Savon Luxe only sources the best quality virgin hair. We use multiple sources from around the world to make sure our customers get the best tresses possible, not fake, mimicked, or chemically processed textures. Some of our textures we carry are raw hair and some are hydro-infused to get exotic patterns. None of the textures or lusters are altered. Also at Savon Luxe, we do not “stretch” or ‘bind” our hair to create lengths, what we source is what we provide. To ensure quality, we do not buy or sell mass produced hair. All hair donors are carefully selected. Savon Luxe does not use Indian or Chinese hair or vendors, all our hair is paid for fairly to the individuals who chose sell their hair. NOTHING is sourced for free like in the temples in India or scrap, synthetic or animal hair like the Chinese manufacturers use. Our donors donate their hair for monetary gains by their own free will. While there is nothing wrong with those origins, we prefer to support a better cause. Instead of using hair that is sourced for free or false hair, Savon Luxe chooses to source hair from high sex-trafficking area’s. Since all of our hair is paid for fairly, shopping with us goes towards helping women who have been victims of poverty, sexual human trafficking or domestic violence. Savon Luxe only provides divine tresses.

Savon Luxe only carries 100% virgin or raw human hair. Each bundle has is hand cut from one donor, providing healthy natural textures and shades. Savon Luxe carries raw hair(hair that is freshly cut and wefted with no forms of alterations) and hydro-infused hair (hair that is freshly cut, wefted and steamed with water to create a certain pattern, no alternations to the texture or natural luster of the hair). All cuticles are naturally aligned, preventing tangles, and full from top to bottom.

Processed Hair is low quality hair that has a brief lifespan, that is washed in an acid bath to strip the hair of it’s natural cuticles, followed by a chemical conditioners or silicone to give a false smooth feel and shiny look. Processed hair is collected from combs, brushes and barber shop floors and are mixed with synthetic and animal hair that is chemically treated to mimic textures, leaving the hair to be ruined within a few weeks or months.

Grades of hair are what manufactures rate their hair quality depending on the level of processing or false/synthetic/mixed hair in their bundles. This IS NOT true virgin hair. True virgin hair does not get a grade because it is 100% human hair that has not been processed with all the cuticles aligning together. Beware of companies that sell hair by the “grade”. Savon Luxe hair only provides the HIGHEST quality 100% virgin hair.

If properly taken care of, our hair should have little to no shedding. We use reinforced wefting techniques, ensuring our wefts are very secure. To prevent excessive shedding, take gentle care of your hair and seal your wefts (we recommend using fray check). When installing your extensions, try to refrain from cutting you wefts as much as possible and sew UNDER the wefts, instead of through to ensure the longevity of your extensions. When detangling, gently comb your hair from bottom to top to prevent the hair being pulled out of the wefts.

With proper care, our hair can last a very long time (AT LEAST 2+ years) making our hair the best investment possible, compared to beauty supply hair that last 3-4 months and other companies that only last UP TO 1 year. Savon Luxe hair has the longest life span, saving you from purchasing hair that would be ruined in a few months.

To ensure quality, Savon Luxe sources hair from multiple sources, which is why there may be variations of lengths on our textures hair and wefts. Some of our textures are measured straight, while others stretched. When ordering wavy hair or curly hair, please keep in mind of shrinkage. Make sure to order up two to five inches to achieve desired look length wise.

Savon Luxe hair is weighs 3.5 oz per bundle. Our recommended bundle amount are following:
12’-16″ : 3 Bundles
18 to 20″: 4 Bundles
20” – 24″ : 4-5 Bundles
24” and longer: 5+ Bundles

2 Bundles: this is used to achieve a half head and tracks, this ideal if you just want to add a little volume to your natural hair

3 Bundles: this is used to achieve a full head install. This is ideal if you want to cover up your natural hair.

4+ Bundles: this is used to achieve a fuller volume full head weave, this is ideal if you want sexy and glamorous look.

Side Note: The longer the hair the shorter the weft. This strongly applies to our Signature Straight due to it’s full density & weight. TRUE virgin hair is weighed in ounces, the longer the hair the heavier the hair. Hair weight/density also depends on origin of the hair.

Yes, you can apply styling tools for desired hair styles. Curlers, Wands, Flat Irons, and Blow Dryers are okay to use, but keep it minimal to prevent heat damage. Once virgin hair in no longer attached to the scalp, it is no longer able get nutrients it once had to make it healthy in the first place. So you must take extra care of it and keep it moisturized. For luxurious curls try wet sets with perm rods or flexi rods.

YES! Absolutely! Savon Luxe is 100% virgin hair and can be dyed or bleached to achieve desired color.

Virgin hair is cut directly from a donor’s head therefore there may be gray hairs depending on the donor’s age. Don’t worry, virgin hair can be dyed or if you like the natural color look, the gray hairs and be tweezed out easily.

We accept all major credit cards, Savon Luxe gift cards, E-checks, and Savon Savings account orders.

For quality assurance, processing is 3-5 business days when checking out with a debit card, Savon Savings, and Savon Luxe gift cards. For E-Checks, processing will NOT begin until the E-check has cleared.
Shipping is 2-3 days depending on the service area. We utilize USPS Priority Mail and Fedex .
International shipping is 5-10 business days via USPS or Fedex.

Yes, to most countries. We utilize FedEx & USPS for International shipping. We cannot ship internationally to a postal box or mailing center. A physical address is required. Shipping can take up to 7 business days. The customer is responsible for paying any international customs fees or import duties required upon delivery. These charges are not within our control and we have no way of determining what they may be. Customs policies/fees vary widely from country to country. For more information, we suggest contacting your local customs office.

Savon Luxe prides ourselves on giving our customers the best hair possible. We exercise a very strict quality assurance process. We inspect all of your hair before it is sent out. It is vital that you completely visually inspect your order once you receive it and prior to installation or any alterations. If there is a problem with your order, you agree to contact Savon Luxe within 3 days of receiving your order and exchanges may be done within 5 (five) business days from the date the product is received. The buyer is also responsible for all shipping. Please note that federal law prohibits the return of human hair products that have been used. Please visually inspect your extensions thoroughly for color, quality and texture before wearing them or trying them on. Used (meaning brushed, combed, washed, tag removed) extensions can not be returned for exchange (absolutely no exceptions). All exchanges are at the discretion of Savon Luxe. There are absolutely no refunds.

All purchases made during sales or with discount codes are FINAL no refunds or exchanges will be made.

Processing & shipping time will always be posted on sale flyer as well as the bottom of your SAVON LUXE email confirmation/receipt please allow the allotted BUSINIESS DAYS stated on the flyer for processing and delivery. Business days do not include weekends. Processing times depends on order volume. Please refrain from sending multiple emails asking for tracking information and when your order will be shipped. Once your order ships, a tracking number will be sent out to you. Also please give the postal service 24-48 hours to scan your package in so you can detect movement. As the package moves, the tracking information will update online. During sales shipping and delivery times are always increased due to order volume. During sales we try to give the best and most competitive pricing possible, and due to the great deals, shipping times are delayed due to the high order volume. We thank you all for being understanding to this matter.

Savon Insurance is recommended but not required. It is only guaranteed if the package tracking shows activity in third party shipper database but non-delivery or damage. Customer if original package is non-delivered within 10 business days to have new set of the order re-delivered.

Savon Luxe is NOT responsible for items lost in transit.


Savon Luxe LLC is not responsible for the way in which you use any product you purchase from our business. We do not accept responsibility if any hair is installed or cared for incorrectly. This includes damage due to color treatments, cutting, any other purpose of if any products damage your hair or skin as a result of misuse or failure to adhere to our instructions. We also do not responsible for the methods you choose to install and care for your new products. We recommend all hair to be installed following our specific instructions or by a professional hair stylist.

Savon Luxe LLC specializes in raw and virgin hair. You the customer, understand’s that all no set of hair will look or feel exactly the same due to the nature of the hair.

Product Availability
Savon Luxe LLC hair is subject to availability because of the rare nature of our collections. In the event that we are unable to supply a texture, we will automatically highlight this as being out of stock.

Our Rights
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Savon Luxe is not responsible for international exchange rates.

Returns and Exchanges
Savon Luxe LLC prides ourselves on giving our customers the best hair possible. We exercise a very strict quality assurance process. We inspect all of your hair before it is sent out. It is vital that you completely visually inspect your order once you receive it and prior to installation or any alterations. If there is a problem with your order, you agree to contact Savon Luxe within 2 days of receiving your order and exchanges may be done within 5 (five) business days from the date the product is received.
The buyer is also responsible for all shipping.

Please note that federal law prohibits (UNITED STATES CODE TITLE 42 – THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE CHAPTER 6A – PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE SUB CHAPTER II – GENERAL POWERS AND DUTIES Part G – Quarantine and Inspection Section.) the return of human hair products that have been used.

Please visually inspect your extensions thoroughly for color, quality and texture before wearing them or trying them on. Used (meaning brushed, combed, washed, tag removed) extensions can not be returned for exchange (absolutely no exceptions).

ALL exchanges are at the DISCRETION of Savon Luxe LLC.
Savon Luxe LLC reserves the rights to not accept exchanges.
There are absolutely no refunds.

Savon Luxe LLC will not negotiate chargebacks with any person or company. Chargebacks are NEVER an acceptable means of attaining a refund. To request a chargeback for a valid transaction is considered fraud. Fraudulent chargebacks will be aggressively prosecuted and reported to all major credit bureaus as delinquent collection account. Should a chargeback be filed against Savon Luxe LLC, we will not hesitate to proceed with legal action to recover funds.

All products purchased during sales or with promo codes are FINAL as they are custom orders.

Savon Luxe LLC does not cancel valid orders once they have begun processing.


Savon Luxe processing time is up to 5 business days. Shipping is up to 3 business days depending on service area for domestic shipments. Shipping is up to 10 days depending on service area for international shipment.
Once items are shipped, Savon Luxe is no responsible for the package.
Savon Luxe LLC is not responsible for delays in transit.
Savon Luxe LLC is not responsible for packages lost in transit.
Savon Luxe LLC is not responsible for taxes and duties incurred during transit of international orders

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