Within the billion-dollar hair extension industry there is a company that sets themselves apart from the rest, Savon Luxe. Savon Luxe is a supplier of luxurious 100% virgin hair extensions.  This company was created to cater to women of all ethnicities, and provide high quality hair extensions. Specializing in exclusive textures that last a minimum of 2 years, and as long as 5 years with proper care.

Established in May of 2014 Savon Luxe is unlike any other hair extension company. This is due to the quality, longevity and exclusivity of our extensions. Savon Luxe sources only the best quality raw virgin hair available, imported from around the world. Unlike many of our competitors Savon Luxe extensions are not chemically processed or mimicked. We do not receive our hair from the popular areas of China and India, but from exclusive sources. Savon Luxe’s Hair is donated by donors for monetary gains, and is given by their own free will instead of being sourced for free. Savon Luxe only offers their customers the best of the best.

Distinction and individuality is key for Savon Luxe Hair Extensions. Continuously growing and expanding as a LUXE beauty brand, Savon Luxe goal is to open retail stores and full service beauty salon locations nation wide to make women feel gorgeous and empowered all over.